In “A Star is Born,” It’s the Soundtrack That Shines (review)

By Sajida Ayyup

“A Star is Born” is a treat for Gaga fans who have been dying to see the singer on the big screen in a titular role. Directed by Bradley Cooper, this emotional train will take you far.

Similar to John Carney’s “Begin Again,” the film has a wide range of moods. You’ll find yourself laughing and sighing at the same time. Don’t worry though, for most viewers, tears won’t form until the end.

The baseline of the story is a bit of cliche: boy meets girl at a bar, makes her famous and they live happily ever after. In “A Star is Born,” Cooper’s character, Jack, meets Lady Gaga’s character, Ally, at random. This mirrors the original movie of the same name directed by William Wellman in 1937 and the 1954 remake starring James Mason and Judy Garland.

There are key moments between Jack and Ally that are reminiscent of Seb and Mia from “La La Land.” They just make sense together. Ally rediscovers herself and sets out on the path to fame that Jack experienced but never appreciated, making for some incredible character development. 

With numerous punchlines casually spread across the film, there is little-to-no window available to understand scene transitions. But that’s the beauty of it – the film shows just enough to make you want more. 

The storyline is decent enough, but it’s Cooper and Gaga vocal performances that bring it to life. You hear in their voices and see on their faces how much effort went into each song. The duo conveys pain and a deep sense of loss and for Cooper and Gaga, it’s seemingly effortless. If the film doesn’t take off, the soundtrack certainly will. More so than the movie, the music is raw, emotional, and satisfying.


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