The Good(ish) Place: Recap of Season 3 Premiere

By Rachel Burt

Disclaimer: Massive spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned!

Rejoice, people! Eleanor, a.k.a. everyone’s favorite Arizona “trashbag,” is back on television for the third season of “The Good Place.” 

At the end of the second season, our merry band of dead people was resurrected by the Judge, played by Maya Rudolph, after some convincing from the reformed demon, Michael.

The new season’s first episode picks up right from where the last one left off and lets the audience see what would have happened if the gang hadn’t all died.

It all starts with Michael and a man who is only ever described as “The Doorman.” He’s mysterious and has a deep love of frogs, which I respect. With official papers from the Judge, Michael takes a door to Earth to save each member of the afterlife dream team from dying, and then keeps tabs on them with the help of Janet who’s become increasingly human-like.

Throughout the episode, Michael is seen interfering in the lives of his favorite humans and trying to help them earn enough points to secure spots in the “Good Place.” 

Unsurprisingly, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason don’t do very well on their own. While counting their totals, Michael realizes that just like in the second season, they all need each other. So, he comes up with a plan to get the gang back together. I’m not ashamed to admit that I made a small squeal of happiness when he came to this conclusion- things were getting a little boring without the crew together. 

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The first to unite are Eleanor and Chidi. After Michael poses as a bartender and gets Eleanor to watch an ethics speech from Chidi, Eleanor decides to go to Australia to meet Chidi and learn from him. Sounds kind of familiar, right?

Eleanor explains to Chidi that she’s not a good person, but she’d like to get better. She tells him that she needs a moral guide and she wants it to be him. In a typical Chidi fashion, and because Michael spoke to him as well, he agrees to teach her – just like he used to in the afterlife.

Besides The Doorman, there’s another character in the episode who’s been newly introduced. Instead of Eleanor, Simone, the Australian neurologist is Chidi’s current love interest. Eleanor helps to set them up, which Michael doesn’t like, so he decides he needs to expedite he gang getting back together. I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of this new development, but we’ll see how things go.

 Though Janet warns that the Judge won’t be happy about his interference, he goes to Earth again after bribing The Doorman.

Eventually, Chidi comes up with a thesis idea that involves a joint study with Simone to see if brain functions are altered after near-death experiences. Who gets involved in the study, you ask? Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani. 

With everyone back together again and working on the study, Michael’s work on Earth is done. Don’t miss The Good Place when it returns next Thursday on NBC, it’s sure to be a wild ride.

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